Hirona Yamazaki interview – video

Death Note Interview

Death Note Interview.

Yamazaki Kento x Ara mackenyu

I just wanna share, cr.edit on video. Arigatou.

Masa & Kento being "adorable af"

Montage for tumblr. Enjoy these cuties being cute :^)

L Meets Kira : Death Note Drama Series

L meets Kira at Light's university!!!

[Section TV] [섹션 TV] - What is the Korean work you enjoyed? 20180709

What is the Korean work you enjoyed? ▷ Playlist for THIS episodes →https://www.youtube.com/playlist?

[17.2.2017] [Vietsub] LiLiCo's Interview "Isshuukan Friend" với Yamazaki Kento và Kawaguchi Haruna

Tồ và Kawaguchi Haruna tham gia phỏng vấn với LiLiCo về bộ phim Isshuukan Friend ngày 17/2/2017.

Kento Yamazaki's bday at Suda Masaki's Concert

This video's been upload on Suda's bday. It's great to have a friendship like them in showbiz so i hope they're always best friends ...

ENG SUB poop talk with Yamazaki Kento

it's crazy ... i think he had amnesia shock anyway follow my insta : xymx_07.

KINGDOM | Kento Yamazaki - MELODI 30 JUN 2019

Team Melodi speaks to Kento-san during his trip to Singapore! Shout outs to MM2 Entertainment Singapore, Cathay Cineplexes ...

KINGDOM | Interview with Kento Yamazaki (Full Clip)

Here's our exclusive interview with Kento-san, lead actor of KINGDOM. He talks to us about the film, his experiences on set, his ...

Kento Yamazaki on Kingdom Sequel with english sub

I dont think anyone can portray Shin better than Kento. He's perfectly fit for this character. So excited for the second sequel.

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