Kierstin Koppel interview – video

Kierstin Koppel (BIO4)

I also like Kierstin Koppel! haha.. but the most is francia almendarez!!

Bring It On In It To Win It

JoJo With The Cast Of Bring It On In It To Win It!

Koppel's Son Found Dead in NYC Apartment

The 40-year-old son of former ABC News anchor Ted Koppel was found dead in an apartment in upper Manhattan after a day of ...

Pretty Little Liars Cast

This is what we think the cast of Pretty Little Liars should be. Please comment! I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. Cast Alison--Taylor ...

Andrea Koppel

Andrea Koppel, Director of International Services, American Red Cross and Former CNN Correspondent, recently visited Leading ...

Blue Blood Cast

My dream Cast of te novel of Melissa de la cruz. The Best novel of Vampire ever Schuyler: Kierstin Koppel jack: Alex Pettyfer Mimi: ...

Kierstin De West & Karena Albers

Video from the eco party in NYC where the Kierstin & Karena talk about their projects (Ci Shift Report & E-Squared TV with Brad ...

Koppel On Iraq and the WOT

Koppel On Iraq and the WOT.

My Blue Bloods Dream Cast

READ!! This is my desired cast for the book series, Blue Bloods. Kierstin Koppel as Schuyler Brian Maddox (from the band, Stereo ...

My Morganville Vampires Series Dream Cast

Hey guys ;D I'm back with another dream cast. This time it's for the Morganville Vampire series and it's definatly not as long as ...

Vampire Academy Cast(in my imagination)

The Cast(in order): Rose-Kiersten Koppel/Sophia Bush/Amy Lee Lisa-Katie Cassidy Dimitri-Steven Strait Christian-Ed Westwick ...

My Dream Cast For "Vampire Academy"

EDITEDITEDIT PLEASE READ!!!!! I wish I could change these lol, okay so these are my new choices... Kaya Scodelario for Rose.

Behind the Scenes of BTF Photoshoot with KreativeVue Studios

Rachele Brooke Smith and Nikki SooHoo BRING THE FUN and take you behind the scenes of their photoshoot with KreativeVue ...

My Morganville Vampires Cast List

Claire- Emily Osment Eve - Kristen Stewart Monica - Megan Fox Gina - Anna Kendrick Jennifer - Claire Holt Amelie - Amber Heard ...

Gallagher Girls cast.wmv

Gallagher Girls cast Willa Holland as Cammie Morgan Kristen Belle as Liz Sutton Kierstin Koppel as Macey McHenry Francia ...

Francia Almendarez(by request)

hey this is the fourth video of francia almendarez,please support my video and also francia too! thnks!

Fallen dream cast

I really love the Fallen series by lauren kate! I think they are making a movie and if they do i think this should be the cast!

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