Marilyn Monroe interview – video

Marilyn Monroe - The Last Interview

Documentary about Marilyn's last interview in July 1962 for Life magazine.With rare audio of Marilyn's interview and rare footage.

“I’m Generally Miserable” – RARE Marilyn Monroe Interview 1960

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Marilyn Speaks to the Press

about returning to work.

Footage of Marilyn Monroe in NYC 1956 - "I'm Going To Retire To Brooklyn" Radio Interview 1955

Footage of Marilyn Outside her apartment in NYC in 1956 along with a rare radio interview Marilyn gave in 1955.

Rare Marilyn Monroe interview By Georges Belmont In 1960

Rare Marilyn audio interview by Georges Belmont in 1960 while she was filming Lets Make Love. I've added Marilyn footage from ...

Marilyn Monroe - "Getting the Truest Part Of Yourself Out" (Rare Interview)

Rare Marilyn Monroe 1960 interview talking about being an actress and artist with an outtake from Marilyn's Last unfinished movie ...

Marilyn Monroe In "Niagara" - Movie Scene and "I Stuttered" interview And Footage At Press Party

A scene From Marilyn Monroe's 19th movie "Niagara" 1953 plus footage of Marilyn at a press party in 1952 for release of Ray ...

Marilyn Monroe THE LAST INTERVIEW Part 2

A rare TV documentary with audio clips from Marilyn's last interview only weeks before her death in 1962.

Marilyn Monroe's Best Friend Amy Greene Interviewed by Scott Feinberg

Scott Feinberg chats with Amy Greene -- who, along with her husband Milton, lived with Marilyn Monroe (his business partner at ...

Marilyn Monroe - I Just Stuttered

Marilyn is talking about how she would stutter. Rare 1960 interview.

Marilyn Monroe - "Do I Feel Happy In Life?"

Rare Marilyn 1960 Audio interview for Marie Claire magazine.

Marilyn Monroe Hanging Out With Some Friends - Rare Home Movie 1955(Interview)

Very rare home movie of Marilyn Monroe from about 1955 along with 2 sections of Marilyn audio interviews. 1st from July 1962 ...

Marilyn on Marilyn( Documentary with rare interviews and footage)

Documentary on Marilyn Monroe's life as told by Marilyn herself. Rare 1960 and 1962 interviews Marilyn gave along with footage.

Marilyn Monroe Interviewed By Georges Belmont For Marie Claire magazine In April 1960. Rare Int Marilyn was interviewed by journalist Georges Belmont for the French magazine Marie ...

Jane Fonda Talks About Marilyn Monroe

Interview broadcast in late December 2011 on CNN. Talking about Marilyn. Jane Russell on the Sally Jessy Raphael television ...

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