Stephanie Courtney interview – video

Reflections from Stephanie Courtney (Progressive's Flo) '92

This year's commencement ceremony featured a special address from Progressive Insurance spokeswoman, Stephanie Courtney ...

The Untold Truth of the Real Woman Behind Flo

If you're new, Subscribe! → We all know Flo from those Progressive commercials: the ...

Stephanie Courtney "The 99 Cent Store"

Stephanie Courtney stand-up comedy.

Stephanie Courtney (Progressive's Flo) | Binghamton University Commencement 2015

Actress and alum Stephanie Courtney '92, also known as "Flo" from the Progressive Insurance commercials, addresses the Class ...

Stephanie Courtney: Short Biography, Net Worth & Career Highlights

Complete biography: American actress and comedian Stephanie ...

Stephanie Courtney, Progressives Flo, Arrested

The comedian and actress who portrays Progressives Flo was arrested for DUI and driving without insurance.

Here's What You Don't Know About Flo From Progressive

If you're new, Subscribe! → Over the past decade, perky Progressive Insurance saleswoman ...

#SCN1000ChangeAgent Interview Series - Stephanie Courtney

SCN Change Agent Interview Series - Meet Stephanie Courtney Many years ago Stephanie Courtney discovered the power of ...

Jeff Foxx Radio Show Interview with Stephanie Courtney

Sneek peek of the Jeff Foxx Radio Show online interview with Stephanie Courtney. For full interview click ...

interview with Stephanie Courtney Artist and Activist for Bullying Prevention

Stephanie Courtney Artist and Activist for Bullying Prevention. Besides a beautiful voice she stands up for change. Sharing her ...

Joe Rogan Experience #1027 - Courtney Dauwalter

Courtney Dauwalter is an ultra-marathon runner who recently won the MOAB 240 race in Utah in under 58 hours.

Stephanie Courtney's (Progressive's Flo) New Commercial!

Stephanie Courtney who plays Flo of the Progressive commercials auditions for a new commercial. FULL EPISODE!

Interview with Courtney and Stephanie

I spoke with freshman Courtney S. and sophomore Stephanie G. outside of their room.

8 American Celebrities Who Speak French

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Dad's New Girlfriend

Stephanie Courtney, who plays Flo in the Progressive Insurance campaign, doesn't have a chance to really show off her comedic ...

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