Telma Hopkins interview – video

Telma Hopkins talks Bosom Buddies at the TV Land Awards

Telma Hopkins talks about Bosom Buddies getting honored for their 30th Anniversary at the 8th Annual TV Land Awards!

How Tony Orlando and Dawn's Biggest Hit Became a Vietnam Song | Where Are They Now | OWN

Learn how Tony Orlando and Dawn's biggest hit took on a new meaning when soldiers began returning home from Vietnam.

Trisha Mann-Grant and Telma Hopkins in The Clean Up Woman.

Trisha Mann-Grant as "Terri Adams", and Telma Hopkins as Terri's mom, "Gayle" in JD Lawrence's The Clean Up Woman.

ANNIE's Nell Carter Interview on Fox After Breakfast (15-Apr-1997)

Nell Carter sits down with guest hosts Jeff MacGregor & Valerie Harper to talk about playing Miss Hannigan 1997 Broadway ...

FAMILY MATTERS-Jo Marie Payton & Telma Hopkins Wasn’t the Best of Friends | ALL THE TEA

#FamillyMatters- Jo Marie Payton aka #HarrietteWinslow and Telma Hopkins aka #RachelCrawford. Did you all know that Jo Marie ...

Telma Hopkins: Tom Hanks Hasn’t Changed Since His Bosom Buddies Days | Where Are They Now | OWN

Telma Hopkins first met Tom Hanks on the set of 'Bosom Buddies.' Watch to find out why Telma says Tom hasn't changed.

30 Years Later The Cast Reveals What Made The Iconic Show Special | Family Matters

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of #FamilyMatters, Kellie Shanygne Williams, Reginald VelJohnson, Darius McCrary, Telma ...

Jackee' Harry, Telma Hopkins, George Willborn & Christopher Williams star alongside JD Lawrence follow me on twitter and Instagram @iamjdlawrence JD Lawrence, known as the "King of Dramedy ...

Tony Orlando and Dawn - Tie A Yellow Ribbon (St Charles IL, Dec 11, 2018)

Tony Orlando, Joyce Vincent Wilson & Telma Hopkins reunited for a series of Christmas shows in 2018. One of their stops was in ...

Nell Carter and Telma Hopkins Christmas duet

Pretty Christmas song sung by Nell Carter and Telma Hopkins on "Gimme A Break".

Growing Up In Front of the Camera | Family Matters

We first met Kellie Shanygne Williams and Darius McCrary when they were pre-teens in 1989. Thirty years later the famous ...

Telma Hopkins and Meshach Taylor in "How to Murder a Millionaire" - 1990 (CLIP)

PLEASE NOTE: A message will appear across the film at 16:40, 38:57 and 1:07:34 to let viewers know that it was uploaded on the ...

Harriette & Carl's Love Story 30 Years Later | Family Matters

30 years ago the world met Harriette and Carl Winslow and the two easily became one of our favorite TV couples. Jo Marie ...

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