Zoie Palmer interview – video

Three 2 Five Questions: Zoie Palmer

Best known for her roles on Lost Girl, The Guard, Instant Star, and the upcoming The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard, Zoie sat ...

Zoie Palmer shares the unusual way she was cast as Jann Arden's sister | Your Morning

Zoie plays Max in the new hit comedy, 'Jann'. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Your ...

Lost Girl Season 2 Finale Pre Show Zoie Palmers Interview HD

Interview with Zoie Palmer for season 2 finale.

Awesome Con 2017 Dark Matter Panel

Dark Matter Panel at Awesome Con 2017 featuring Melissa O'Neil aka Two and Zoie Palmer aka Android.

Three 2 Five Questions: Zoie Palmer (Interview)

Taken from http://thefabric.blogspot.com/2010/10/three-2-five-zoie-palmer.html.

Lost Girl's Zoie Palmer

In this video from the Season 2 electronic press kit, Lost Girl's Zoie Palmer talks about her character Lauren's connection to the ...

Story time with Zoie Palmer :)

So, I wanted to do something to participate. I keep saying “we're all in this together” so here's me trying to mean that and doing ...

Lost Girl Season 2 Bloopers

Bloopers #lost #girl from season 2.

Zoie Palmer Interview - First Weekend Club on the set of "Sex After Kids"

First Weekend Club interviews Zoie Palmer on the set of Jeremy Lalonde's new feature film "Sex After Kids"

INTERVIEW Lost Girl Panel @ MCM London Comic Con

Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer and Paul Amos get very relaxed on the MyMBUZZ stage as they discuss all things Fae and more ...

Zoie Palmer and Jeremy Lalonde on 'Sex After Kids'

Actress Zoie Palmer and director Jeremy Lalonde talk about their new film, Sex After Kids.

Dallas Comic Con - FanDays Oct 2015 - Lost Girl - Anna Silk / Zoie Palmer

This is the last of my uploads for this convention, I want to thank everyone for their patience, I suffered through a catastrophic hard ...

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